Pacamara Carbonic Maceration
Pacamara Carbonic Maceration
Pacamara Carbonic Maceration
Pacamara Carbonic Maceration
Pacamara Carbonic Maceration

Pacamara Carbonic Maceration

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With these beans we are promising a journey into the extraordinary with every sip. Imported directly from Panama this single origin coffee experience is a festival for the senses, providing a delightful cup enriched with the innovative spirit of Carbonic Maceration. 

So, what exactly is Carbonic Maceration and how does it set this coffee apart? It involves enclosing the cherries in a sealed environment, allowing anaerobic fermentation to unfold. With the fruit skin intact, minimal contact occurs between external yeast and fermentable sugars. Instead, the enzymes inside the fruit initiate the breakdown of sugars and other compounds, releasing Carbon Dioxide and Alcohol. This technique, adapted from the wine world, imparts fresh, fruity flavors of cherry and red fruit to our coffee— it's where innovation and tradition converge to create a truly unique and memorable coffee experience.

Roast Level: MEDIUM
Tasting notes: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Red Fruits, Red Wine
Varietal: Pacamara
Process: Carbonic Maceration

Story Behind the Farm:
Finca Minerva is a coffee farm run by Esther Leung and Martin Santos Chavez in the region of Volcancito in Panama
As coffee farmers were abandoning their farms, MAS CAFE PANAMA took the lead in reviving coffee cultivation. Despite that the farms they acquired needed a lot of work, they remained undeterred. Planting their roots deep into the fertile volcanic soil, they diligently worked the land. Enduring physically demanding days, they not only enhanced the quality of the coffee plants but also rejuvenated the surrounding ecosystem, striving to establish sustainable agricultural practices.

Today, our coffee plants coexist harmoniously with native fruiting trees and the diverse wildlife of the region, a testament to their commitment to ecological balance. MAS CAFE PANAMA continues its tireless efforts in the ongoing enhancement of existing coffee plants and the exploration of new varietals that promise a superior cup of coffee. Firmly believing that Boquete's potential is only just beginning to unfold, maintaining our conviction that Boquete stands as the world's premier coffee-growing region.

Pacamara coffee, renowned for its outstanding flavor profile, has its roots in El Salvador, stemming from the hybridization of Paccas and Maragogipe trees. This distinctive combination gives rise to a coffee with unique characteristics. It's important to highlight that Pacamara is notably vulnerable to coffee rust, necessitating careful attention and preventative measures to preserve its distinct attributes.

Plant Characteristics:

  • Size: Compact
  • Leaf Color: Green or Bronze
  • Fruit Size: Very Large
  • Optimum Altitude: Above 1,300 meters

Quality and Performance:

  • High-Quality Potential: Exceptional
  • Performance: Good

Processing Methods:

  • Process: Washed or Natural

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