Our Story

It all Started with a cup of Coffee.

We are so excited that you’re here! We’re here for the same reasons you are.

Coffee, Travel and Dreams.

Our love for coffee, travel and pursuit of a dream is what drives us. Like you, we begin every day with a cup of coffee. But we know that coffee is more than a drink or a daily ritual. It has the power to create conversation, connection, and community. Golden Cava is meant to be shared and to take you on a journey. It did for us one sunny South Florida day — and started us on a path to create something new.

Our idea was simple: create an experiential approach to coffee, culture and travel that promotes quality coffee and products that value craftsmanship and accessibility.

We want to set your imagination adrift and help you immerse yourself in the regions, cultures, stories, and craft behind the coffee.

Speciality Coffee, Premium Products.

We value craftsmanship, quality and strong relationships and are so excited to share with you amazing coffees that have been produced by our community of farmers.

Like our coffee which is meant to be savored and shared our other products are designed to simplify, delight and inspire your experiences, travels and dreams.

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know at info@goldencava.com!